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GUNWWED FPOM PAGE '4 We Need Your Help Tlne iiaiiiiiis iiili-asiiniieiiii-es.
High consequence Areas ,5, 5555,_.d5,,55 W15 lnL‘1udlngp|pe!lnEs5 anna niaiiai pli}aiinnalhsee;iiii,i Hlyml
federal regulations, some areas near pipelines have been “"1"”? 5"5P‘“"'“5 3“‘Vf‘)' ‘"1 3 |“E{ ‘"9 “E "9 "Valo  "359
desigiialed as High Consequence Areas. For iliese an-as. report Ii '0 the epr-I'°_pr-a_Ie eullw-‘mes as soon as |‘°55|b]"«
§|lp|)lL'lnL'n[a] hazard assessmeiii and pmeiiiioii progranls 0; X0" may Cellhlhtg P|P§]‘"€1:P°|'3‘°T5 m-m1>e}-'s- Thlreatd
kiiimii as liiiegi-iiy Maiiagemeiii Progralns ha\\'L' been 3 Wscjnes may e mm at I e Dells-lmenl 0 Home on
developed. it a pipeliiie cIp€ral0r]1as High CD!ISE(l|lL'nL‘L' Sewmys Wehsfle www»r1’lw0x'/dhwubllr»

Ai-ens. inlsiinaiian aliaiiii iliase plans may he avallal:-ls

ilinaiigli ilieli company: iielasiie or by Contaclmg ilie . . . .

5P5,5m_.5 55_.Pm,5 5,5555’ National Plpe‘|lne Mapping System For

inliiiinaiiaii aliaiiii plpelmes operating in ysiii ai-ea. yiiii

There is a Wide range of Produets traveling through the may conlact llie Nalxclnal I"ipe1im- Mapping sysiem (NPMS).
Ilwox-sands of miles of pipelines. everything from gas for This ilaialiase alpipelina operators and ilne laeaiiiin of iliein
your ear to oxygen for hospitals. Many of these P|'0d"Cl5 can [mes was dcsigncd lain ilie piililie to have access to eaniaei

he mslily flammable. liar-no-I ll aulialecl. cause eye or skin information inn iiipniiiia cnmpames operating In your 
imtafion or lwoss-hly cause dlffieulry breathing. Some of the This inlsiinaiien can he found ai ll/Hill/.rl}JII)S.}J)lm5('l.dDI.
inaiaiials eiiiila eaiisa eni-inanineiiial damage. Becausz of gay‘ pup WW5,i,,,5_.,,_p.,,5,,,,,/fig,o,5,.,,,,,,,m/,,fi;m/oJ,i;,p,.
Ihese Polentiel halardsi it is imlso-‘ram for our neighbors to pxpeltrleexllfel)’ lei more iiilomiaiiiiii. For iiircimialieii On sale
be able I0 remgnize a pipeline leek exeaivaliim. go ciiiliiie and visit Illll/H/.5011)mflngroulldllulfllxce.


can Owners Build or Dig on a R]ght_Of_ Awamiess is ilie key in pi-eveiiliiig pipeline aeeidems.
way? piP5p,,5 _.i5p,5_op_w5y 55555155 km [555 pm" vsii can eaiiiiilaiiin Io ilie saleiy anil seeiiiiiy iilyeiin ‘
§[|‘L\\CIL\\l‘L'§ and OIIIET obsmielioiis to provide aeeess lo ilne 'l1e|ahb°rh°°dV1>.V k-WDWLHE }V]1:'9 ljlpelmes yore» -'4;-d {ens}:-'--lg
pipeliiiefiu miaiiilsiiiaiiee. as well as iii ilie Event of aii low in rem:-me \\-new 0-jlze eelwny or 5‘_E"5_° e e_e «
5m5_._55my_ "55 53,55,555 55.55555 5,5“, 55.555555‘ 5,5555 do as well as ]1CI\\\\’IDV|'E5|)CIn'd iii the ease of a pipeline aeeiileiii.
not plani iiees or large Shrubs on ilie righlenfe\\\\’ay. Do nol Plloe!me °_°r"|‘“"“‘5 com-mm to smve to be good ne-ghbo-‘so
dig. laiiila. siiii-e or place anything iiii or near the rig11ts—o[— one lust like any good nexghlsorlmod wa_Ieh _program; 5
my “M555 5555 lmmg 5,55 pip5,m5 5555555555 p5__.555m51 iieigliliais look aiii for eaeln ailiei-. Jon] iii Wllh ilia pipeline
lnark ilin pipeline or Slakfl ilin i-lgliis—al—ii-a, and explain the eomllen-es to keep our fem-has se‘e- U

ecimpaiiys eciiisii-iieliciii and easeiiieiil !‘E(l|lil‘En\\QnlS to you.

Know what's below
Before you dig!
-3!»-1: Filll-x l'\\1~:i’l,'Fl -Q5.» Lu ii..1l ii’:
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