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  By Bob Nlghswonger
always enjoy watching a gond plannlng p.-oeess may lndlease she need excavalinn as planned intexvals. when
lnnshall game. It's a ehanee to lo nelnease she plpellne nn aller she land excavalion ls wlshln 10 feet of a plpellne
take a h.-sshand look as a group modification project. A plan should be 0, [fussing s1.,g Pipg‘ she sashnsesan
nf individuals mming Iogelher deyelaped and provided so she plpellne musl he (here so nbserve she excavation

so aehleye ylespny hy lnndasnensally operator well in adyanee as breaking and hackfill.

exeruling plays ln their ganse plan. ls ground on she project, Clear and Com“

sakes exsensiye planning. rooperation Communicafinn

and mordination sn pull oer a win. , »

This sype ofleamwork salses plane [/1 )['y  1 H16 Pmvidih-lg she loeaslon pl she dlg
shonsands ol shnes a year hesween « . slse, she sype pl wnrk and ennsaes
hazardnus material transmission " informalinn lo the re iclna] Sn

Pipeline “€P“°5'3“‘3‘i"'35 and individuals e‘\\ Ca ya I I 0 I I ncllification renter ls Eruria] prior lo
and enews tasked wash safel exravatin , _ , ha suns" an new smssln _ when
arrclsshuxiedpipelines. ’ E I (III\\ 6.8 p 1' ace .s§ppa§sa
salely digging on or across a hazardous ' I ' “"3 "°‘;‘“““°“?-f""’Y 1’“g?“l‘““";1.
was on a pzpe me -ewe to 2 «on. e.

. . , . . exists. ls nu senllses eonsss she pspehne
Ieamwork. These lsnes ossen eonsasn ( ,r I I ‘ h . . .1] made 3 mm
volatile liquids  natural gas under R ) H’, (1 /) zp e in e _°= "my-k P h H P I h
ensene  Each ssep os she . ;:fl=fE"s§ESf<“f;|e'r:;:a ::_‘jfl;fl°;;_:*
em=m"sthebvh°'h l‘E’])I‘E’ ?€IlI’(1Z'l'I1€’ sn;‘s.aa.naaa...,.snasheans.
P‘P°"“° "*‘P”f““‘“}‘”;.‘"d ”"‘“““"“ / /L / gspshe notification so arrange an nnslse
2:“: i’a"s:“J:?sZ.?a§ai.:5s‘::“;s:;?,l:T’ must be meeunde we; we ;;ev;e-in-,1» e-eke:
whenshe nan halos awinninggame , am-H km '1; "3 *1; mg ".“’"‘.’“
Plan and wk play“ an ‘he mm P I-es 6, n I easess elcla [in o s e nnufcallon ss
exemles their asssgnnenss she sean 3;: av‘ mg gfizjggfifn 3:533; is
“""" ensleal shas she poslslye response or she
Here ane 'nss a few exam les pl she . .-e ness for a meeling is aelsnpwledged
plays exejruled dnnng llsePR0W Team M°°""g hyqlhe caller and passed nn so she
crossing: Any shne exravation takes plaee on a fnreman of she job. l have heard several
Pl . d P _ [. plpellne ROW a plpellne neps-esensaslve ssonles olensnsnnnlsaslen gaps shas
""“'"€ "“ '°P“'“ "“' musl he pres2nt.T11is pse—exeayashsn have led so both dannage so she plpellne

Making a wlnnlng game plan is a sneeslng allows plpellne seeh so or a elese call dne so nnanshnnsed
crucial pass of any sport or pmjecl. lead a team sneeslng wash she c111‘Ew‘s excavalinn on she rig)“ or way.

Prevents near the i eline that ma puforming Ihe work. Duringl is ace—

invnglve land nsodlphepaslon, lllse pailng Icrfare. she seasn naahes a ganse plan A FEW “"195 0‘ Engagement

leis 0-‘ drainage ditrhess require Prim ‘Making zrmlnd 50 everyone is Similar sn rules of a game. shes-e are
expen engineering ln plannlng and on she same page. For many nperamrs. yeny stricl nsles and regulalinns when
lmplemensasinn Io ensnne pipellne Ihis is also she slsne slsas a ROW p, mm (D mming pipeling rights,
lnsegnsy and salesy. There may be a permit or agreement is presented es—way. shnllan nales as engagesnens
senllles hesween she current lpeaslnn which documents and confirms a clear are sonnd when excavation sahes plaee
of she plpellne and she needs of she nndenssandlng. Normally, ll excavation on 0, mm , payymd pow -ppm
land naodilleaslon pmjees. The pl-ojees is wlshln 25 feet of use pipeline. the males are in place so keep workers

pipeline terhnician must mnnitor the and she gene.-al pnhlle sale heeanse
hnsh railroads and plpellnes snanspon
hazardous snasenals.
sa . Alabama 511 2020, Issue 1

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