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Was Angbodg Hurt.
heneyer an incident occurs — out in (he iield
51*‘ "'9'”"’ mm“ or in the s1'mp,"was anyhody hurl?" is ihe firs!
j’::k::’I'7"1;4:"“”’ question that crosses your rnind. And well it
' should be:

A worker injured on the job ean he handicapped ior liie — and
whos gonna pay ior his care? ii he works ior you and you dnn'I
have workers eoinp insuranee — guess who's gonna pay ior all
oi this.

ii anyone works ior you — eyen parl lime — you're really rolling
the dire ii you don‘! earry workers comp.

‘ “My siaie says i don'I have lo." No‘ your siale says you must
. ~ have it ii you have a certain nurnher oi ernployees. It doesn't say
' , anything at all ahnut how you're nol liahle In pay medieal bills
. - 1» and rehah and lnsl wages if sonreone who works ior you gets
hurt on the job. laeeause you are liable.
 - consider a ear wreck ior just a morneni. Leis say you send
¢ ' sorneone to the hank in make a deposit or drop on mail driying

one oi your yehieles. lrurk hauling equipment ior exampley

and ihere is a wresk. It doesn't matter whose fault it is. What
rnauers is that your einployee is hurl—waii, was (here snore
than one enrployee in that vehirle? workers cornp pays ior

, > unlirniied — yes unlimiled — rnedieal hills. And rehah. It even
/ r 4 \\ pays losl wages ior a eerlain number oi weeks
V ’ why would any businessman pul hirnseli in that prediearueni
' when workers Camp is a eosi oi doing husiness and is
.. . —- deductible? Just as deductible as ihe diesel iuel used In run
\\ \\ V3 . / that excavator. OK‘ ihey oilen only buy liability insuranee
Q‘ . heeause it is required — eiiher hy iheir Board oi Conlrattors
J‘ /_,. or the job ihey are doing. But ii someihing goes wrong. the
- insuranee agent is ihe 4lh person to know about it, righl hehind
-be’ ‘I’ _ the guy who did it,I112 guy he did it lo and you, ihe eonn-aelor.
er‘: I  Yuu can erelude yourseli irorn coverage ii you choose‘ but
_ ‘ '- ‘ why on eanh would you?? It's the mnsl inexpensive‘ must
. , B  B S comprehensive eoyerage ior job relaied injury on the planet!
/ , Rememherllnal pan ahnul “losl wages’? You also need to know
u M ' that a lot oi health insuranee eonspanies are deelining to pay
r work—relaied injury claims.
\\‘ - " Yes, workers eornp eornpanies audit your payrolls every year
I In he sure they are cnllecting the righl amounl oi premium —
c _‘ , and yes‘ is your payrolls are less than expettedy you will get
- V : . a r2fund.Mo1'eimpo1'lanI1y: is your payrolls exceed what was
» aniieipaied, your workers are eoyered anyway, and the premium
r wonx he cnllected ior iheru until neri audit or renewal:
' Guys — going shon on insuranee isn'l saving you naoney at
- all—iI's costing you in the long run. l was onee told‘ "your job
is in sell rne insurance," No, artually, my job is keeping you out
oi finanrial trouble in the eyeni oi an arcident. whether irs a
/ mistake you might have rnade. a red lighl your guy derided

In run a ladder tlwal slipped—lhe oppnrlunities ior loss are

in most cases. mum on workers cornp to lake eare oi it ior
you and ihernl .

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