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How Do I Submit Responses?
Alabama 811 members can submit responses through Alabama 811's WebPortal, the KorWeb ticket management software or a compatible in-house ticket management system. If you would like to submit responses for your company, you will need to fill out a registration form. Please contact Jennifer Pickle for more info: or 205.731.3210.
What Type of Responses Can Be Submitted?
Located: Facilities Marked
Located: To Meter Only
Located: In Conflict
Clear: No Conflict for Area Requested
Unmarked: Unable to Access Locate Request Area
Unmarked: Incorrect Address or Excavation Site Info
Unmarked: Marking Information Unclear - Locator to Contact Excavator
Unmarked: Unable to Contact Excavator
Unmarked: Delayed due to Weather or Other Circumstances
Unmarked: Cannot locate - contact facility owner/operator directly
Unmarked: Facility Owner/Operator or Master Contractor Generated Request
Design/Survey Locate: Marked Design/Survey Locate: Cleared No Conflict
Design/Survey Locate: Facility Owner/Operator to Provide Maps
Design/Survey Locate: Meeting Requested
Other: Parties Have Agreed and Documented Locating Schedule
NOTE: If a member does not respond by the end of the
2 full working day notification period, Alabama 811 will automatically close that member response with a status message stating, “Closed by system process. No responses recorded”.
Why Are the Responses Color Coded?
The positive response view on the portal ticket view is
color coded to more clearly communicate the current status of the response. Often members will submit responses to communicate status of an ongoing locate request that has not been completed. These responses could communicate
a possible delay due to weather or other circumstances, an inability to access the locate area, or the locator may simply need more info and is unable to contact the excavator. These
Effective January 1, 2021 all members of Alabama 811, must provide a positive response to locate request notifications
types of responses are considered to have an “open” status. The open status is shown in red text when the locate request ticket is still within the two full working days of notification. Tickets with a final status such as Marked or Clear are considered to have “closed” status and will be shown in green text. A list of all responses is included and the last response posted by a utility and/or their locating company is noted and more clearly separated in the response history column. The username associated with the response is included each time a new response entry is submitted.
We encourage all excavators to confirm the utility responses on their locate request tickets BEFORE going to the
site. Checking the response may clarify why there are
no locate marks (i.e., the utility would like to be on site
during excavation, the utility could not access the site, etc.). Sometimes there are marks on the ground, but they may come with extra instructions.
What Do I Do if a Utility Has Not Responded?
If there are signs of buried facilities that have not been located, we suggest you initiate a second call back to AL811
to allow for the request to be resent to the member facility owners letting them know that all lines have not been marked. As part of this second notice to the utilities, they should respond and have the site located within four hours.
Having positive response operational and required allow for the closure of the communication loop to allow excavators to be aware of the marking status of the excavation site prior
to returning to the worksite to begin their work and gives additional information to ensure the excavator knows what to expect to find marked in the area.
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