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Know Before You Go
Positive Response Improves Communication Between Member Utilities, Excavators, and Alabama 811
One of the most anticipated changes coming in 2021 is the new requirement that all utilities submit
a “positive response” to Alabama 811 when they have either determined no facilities are present
or when they have completed marking the site. These responses are viewable by the excavator in real time through the Alabama 811 Web Portal. Even though the requirement
is new in 2021, Alabama 811 has been receiving responses from members on a voluntary basis since 2018 and nearly all member utilities we currently notify are actively responding to requests. The addition of voluntary positive response in 2018 expanded ‘know what’s below’ to ‘know before you go’ and has also helped Alabama 811 to promote excavation safety and education to our members and excavators throughout Alabama. Each time an excavator or member logs onto the Alabama 811 WebPortal or Mobile App to access positive response, they are provided with up-to-date information on the excavation law, local meetings, and training opportunities.
Positive Response has opened up the lines of communication between not just Alabama 811 and our member utilities, but also between the members and the excavating community. When Alabama 811 receives questions about positive response, we are able to use that question as an opportunity to educate members about their marking and/or response responsibilities as well as safe excavation practices for digging around unmarked facilities in an emergency situation. We have been successful in educating the general excavation public about the different ticket types that can be processed for no-response, refresh markings or even how to file a non-compliance complaint.
What is Positive Response?
Positive Response is a process to facilitate communication between utilities, excavators, and Alabama 811, regarding the status of identifying and marking the underground facilities within the proposed area of excavation on locate request tickets
Positive Response is Required by Law
Effective January 1, 2021 all members of Alabama 811, must provide a positive response to locate request notifications
in accordance with the Alabama Underground Damage Prevention Act Section 37-15-6(d): Each operator, upon determining that no underground facility is present or upon completion of the marking of the location of any underground facilities, shall provide a positive response with the information to Alabama 811.
How Do I View the Responses?
Responses can be viewed in real time via the Find Locate Request link on the Alabama 811 WebPortal.
Select Find Locate Request, enter your locate request ticket number in the search box and click search. Your locate request ticket will be shown on the right side of the screen. Scroll
to the bottom of the locate request ticket to view the actions posted for each participating member utility company.
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