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inbamnvs umiargmnnd call Notifiralinn System". However, ‘ A good eomaet r1Va_r-re and phone _

Damage Pmvention legislaiion premarlring is nut required wlien iiie number for ‘he fae-1-ty owners to use If

was enarled in IQQ4 and premarking could reasonalily interfere ‘hey s1_-ould need to speak Io some one

m,a,.}.a yam ihm hm wiiii iraiee or pedesirian eonirol. regardmg add-tmnal mi-vrmae-on
been some amendmenis to sirengilien Dgfinmm . Dgfined am Whm me Gxcavafinn
and Improve the damage prevent-on will take plaee ai the physical loration.
program in our state. in this seeiion PREMARK. To delineaie ilie general
we will ioeus on some oi ilie lrey ierms scope oi the exeavaiion on the suriaee
and seeiions io ensure a iiiorougii ofthe ground usingwlniie naini, wliiie Thm are [aims W,“ R my be _,i,gmh
undersianding oi iiie iindergroiinol stakesi or other similar wline inarlrings. ,0 dmfige the am to he 1mmd_
dank-Jags prevenlt-on as outlme "1 This Pmvgsggn 0‘ ‘gm law Dutlines Tliis settion oi iiie law reeommends

a ar-sa stale aw ‘he minimum requfirgmgnl Dithg in those eases that iiie area siiould loe
Alubnmn Smlulz 37—io'—4'(e) iniormaiion thal is in lie provided on Premarked WIUI Whr: palm Io -‘siutlsne
I e pmpose
Tiie noiiee required by exmamm me
suhsettion [I1] oi this nm,,g,k;,, 11
. . g as
sernon must eoniain _ mmi advamaggi
iiie name. address, and 0",, is mg, ;, aunws
Iilephone numlser ohfl iiie excavalor to
I e person responsi e visil ilie siie beioie
ior the exsayanon or _ _ “I7 cumming g,_
iiie demoliiion and the I _ .0 Fina ,, imia
person giving |:|olICEi the ,gqmg wmd, may
proposed sranmg date A allow ior lseiier
and um, the awe of direttions and site
excavation or eino iiion , in‘orma[iDn ,5 W211
ofiseraiion io lie mnducled, fev as to look ior any
1 e losahon of the \\\\ ooieniial indieaiion
gropolsed exeavlft-ogior oi underground
eino nion wit su eieni ;,d];,,E5 ,_, gm
deiails in enalile ilne mm of and mm
opei-a_ior to loeaie same with reasonalsle 3 [mm “gum The key ‘mg to mmpgfl om nu, physical mgmngg
eertaméy. andd whether or not explosives ,2m,,,gE,. gs the mm mm“ and are eompleie. It also lieiier defines the
are to o use See ev;nI ‘Q-e loeat-op mu,“ ingnmggon you an P,_,V;_iE, [area oi exiavalion to lofiale so Ihal Ihek
reriusremen s o -s su ee mu eanno 3 more “my . oraior w en visilingt e siie ran mar
y response in your Iequest « _ V
b: """‘ "‘° “"“”“°".’“““ P"“.‘”" will lie the result. Key iniorinaiion in ‘he pres-se area needed and noI spend
I e rouie or boundaries of thev sire oi Pmidg imludesz gm overmarking in arm whm wmk
proposed exeavat-on or denmlmon will noi lie mnducted; this allows the
lay means oiwiiiie as iiie ideniiiying ~ ‘Defined sireei address or sireei name i_,[m, ,0 mm mg mg“, mg qmkiy
color on slakes. rlags, paint, liuoys or wiili disianee and d|I'EC1|cIn irom a and Eymmiy and mm mm an ,0 the
elearly identifiable maierials placed nearest intersecting street, esoeeially ii mi 1m.;.,,1 She, .
on the suriaee oi iiie ground oi- waier a physical address is not available
prior io iiie nntificztion in die “Ont
2020, issue i aosana E11 . 5

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