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We Have to DO Better
A“ “P .0 W1“. wa [.,..1d Consfidgr as ma 1ar1l111es that [an be seen, what ahoul
'21 1 “slan1‘la1'd.' roles and l1neslean1ng, 1l1e seg1nen1s1l1a1ean'1 be seen? no
«X . boxes l1en1 over and rns1ed, papes 1l1ey do a lae11er job on (host segments?
9 ahovegmund 1l1a1are rns1eol and 1n Should 1 call and eornpla1n or ask about
‘ need o1 a11en1ion. Yes. “we havz 1o do 1heir rnain1enanre procedllres? From
7 § 1,a..a,v.1,g,,.1n;g my own esrperienee. 1 salled an eler1r1r
.. ,_ _, \\1Veal~.ea1lpartc1f(l1elob11'ng :§;;§:‘;{;;;i§;“j§;:{ffifigjrgjffin,
‘ ' ' " ' ’ ,_ °““ lnlrasmawlre laaek lo ll-e Way We 1ell over sorne aerial lines las1 year. 1
- r . ll * enylslon ll sllo-ld he We ea" lel the 1el11l1a1, given the size o11lne1ree. 11
no Wailace/ones Wlllles lmow when we SPD‘ somell-mg would even1nally eker1 enough 1orse on
mrecxon GoaP§a1.-lane safely lhal does-1| look rtzht Asa tegalatoty 11.el1nes 1o 1.-ea1e a problem, This year,
AIahmnaPubl1c Servtce Commtssron ageneyr we do thal all the love We ‘ale 1l1e 1ree 1inally ro11ed and tell ol11lne
1:-itanu es and send to ‘he "lllmes at-al lines. Nothing was ever done by any o1
as or an zxp ana1.on or why 1l1e r1e.n nnn nnmnnnm
looks the way 11 does. As r111zens we
ran do 1l1a1 also. 1 realize llmal rnos1 And 11 1s no1 jusl the sense o1s1gl11 that
he other day l had ‘he rornpanies now are 1vork1ng1n me “do is par1o11l1e issne. 1-lne sense o1 srnell
"‘““‘_° to heal‘ a sloaak" rnore w11l. less" rnen1al11y but a1 what gets involved Being in my position as
deser-he a P05‘ that hehad po1n1 dots 1l1a1 rzase 1o be an e1=1es11ve a na1nral gas regnla1or. 1 1ake 11 very
been told about on  Way .0  an .,,gm,a.1.,,,-_1 senoosly   calls 1o repon

rned1a. 11 tame 1ro.n someone who was an ,,d_,n This Pas‘ Monday’ one D; W,
1.-avel1ng Ihrough a ol1l1eren1 area o1 wln1le 1lney are le111ng their cnnnnnnnnn nnnlnyngrs WM unfilled
1l1e tounlry. -rlns person had a nalural in1ras1rnr1nre deeay 1.-orn lack or n nnmg nnnn wnne nnnng nmngn n
gas background so their focus was on "'al"‘*"a"=°v ll <3" 1’? °°5‘l¥ l" losal 1own. She 1old her husband aoon1
na1nral gas 1ar1l111es that were v1s1lale severalnways. lges, mamtenante ean be in , did no, nnn nn, nnn, pndny _,m,n,
as 1l1ey drove Ilwrouglm the ronn1rys1de. ExpEns|ve,hut1(can eos1 even rnore 1o wnnkn Fnnnnnnlyy nnn Gmplbygg nnn
This person even 1ook sorne replaee1l.e 1ar1l11y1111ge1s 1o 1l.e po1n1 In? an W“ nan nnnnnnmn by an
or some o1 the 1as1l111es 1l1ey saw. o1no1 being repairable. 11 ran eos1 even nnnn nn gm nmnnn n, nmnn mg anon,
Apparently, the p1r1nres le111l1is person more when that "tr-nalntalned laslllly 11. so. 11 1s no1ins1 e.nployees or the
somewhat npse1 over what was visible is thz ranse olan aee1den1 or 1ne1den1 udliligsv n is MW nnn cnnn ewn ,nnn
as 1l1ey drove Ilwrougln the area. The and sorneone IS lwun or srnleally nn nnnnn. ifwfi nnngn, on, facilifigs n,
posl showed a p1r1nre o1 1ae1l111es injured. That cost could be beyond our ha in ma [audition wa a,n,aC., W, an
sap11oned. "\\1Ve have 1o do better." -rl1a1 CcIrnpre11ensionV.‘”VVVe l1ave1o do l>zuer' ,nnn no on, nnn nmgnnnn n, “non
1ells lne that wlna1 this person saw did 1o keep our np 1o the s1anolards nsnnn n, nnn operators if WE “pm

no1 rnee11l.e1r slandards. How wonlol we would expert our personal “ems was 1., En. ,ag,,1Vaa_

yon 1ee1 i1so.neone pos1ed a pie111re (}1onse,vel1ielzs)1o be kep1. Detaying, V _

o1 your 1aeili1ies and rnade 11na1sarne ro11en, rusbcovered 1aeili1ies are no11l1e fwe have to do laetter" Is no! J“3l a
eornrnen1.= Wouldn't yon wan1 1o do s1andard 1ve vvan1 or need. lmzle tha} we should re-new-leer» lt
something about 11:» 1 1l11nk we all Tl . n 1 . n us a loos-twe statement of how we
waning us oes not app YW5‘ tol e slwollldcondllcl onrselves eatlm day.

ernployees o11l1e eornpanies 1l.a1 own wn [mainly nn no, Wan, n, In in

un1or1nna1ely, we do no1 have 1o leave 1l.e 1as1l111es. The average tilizen nnn nun, dhegtdonn yvnnnng Wm hg
Alabama 1o see examples o11l11s. And needs 1o 1ake a loe11er s1and 1o hzlp do"? no nnnm the inadequatks we
1111s no1 only rela1es 1o na1nral gas, 1lneopera1o.-s see 1lnngs 1lnrongln 1l1e mngn, nnnng n we no nn, ‘inn n mnn
ln11o1l1er n11l111es as well. 11yon ge1 1nd1v_1dnals eyes. Does 1lns look good? nnn Snnnk nn nnn Snyy ewe nm ,0 no
on and rlole, yon w1ll no11ee examples 1s 1lns1l1e way they keep all llwzlr nnnnn. .

.,;;ac;1p;as.1,m,a um paing kgpt Iarililies? 111l.ey don't care almut die

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