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The training modules that From the rurure designs get added we are zsszntially ereaiing a classroom enyironmenr. in llighr
In their module lilnialy and line original tliznt reczivzs the training, you mighr have hair an hour with a flight instruttor
ahilily to lieense rhe tools tlwal are developed lor lulu.-e use. talking about stalls. Thzy ll show slides, videos and share
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For mstanczs they are currzmly worlnng to ereare a haehhoe ““’ 1 3‘ ‘5‘°““ °"’f“‘"_‘” 3"“ ‘“ ‘ _“fl‘."‘l°’"1f°'k‘°“d“
simulalclr for a cclmpanv. Onte lhal training module is ‘°"‘P °‘:‘{V°“ 5° '° ‘ ’”'a?';‘“' .g' 3’°‘" F" ‘E “ ‘ °‘ 3" 5“
launehed. anoiher eompany, say an zxcavalion sompany “P” P‘ °"" Y°“‘ "3 S‘ *5“ '

eould lwirz From the Future and develop it furthzr inm a In thzir systzms all or Ihat ialres plaee in ihe virtual worlds
Iraining eourse specific lo iheir needs. Thzn rlue eompany that ineluding thz elassroom porlion.T1wetrainezs heep Ilweir vii
originally lromed rhe inyesunenl lor tlwz haslrhoe simulator zquipmznt on and are ahle to see a virtual hlaehhoard within
gzls a portion of link lurure lieensing revenue. the simulation tlwal is used lor everything lrom projecling films

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Jusnn said llue hardware has finally eaughl up to the ° 3 "““““"“‘5 P”? "“‘“”

eapahililies ofVR solrware that has heen ayailalale lor some And tlwz whole rime. thz trainzr ean see what eaeh individual
iime. is doing and assisl when they see an issue arise. Plus when

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--The ability to do Ilns lnnd ol trammg |S very reeeni, he D}°:':‘“m:'n“t“‘:h‘i'd:  l‘:E{§;jul“‘::‘if]‘°
5-'*“*> "W "35 1"“ "°““‘* ‘°” 3 '°"€ “'"~ -“"1 "-'*‘"“‘€ ‘°" realiiv P— ima ine a rzahvorld classroom with ao ii).-ipelrhoes run
3 °°“P1° °‘»V"'5r "“‘ “ “’“"" °“*“°"'> “ "~“i“‘"“ V9"! bv noviee o efators oin all at onee and ou'1l see wh VR is
expensive eompule.-s and vii st-(ups Ihat were lelliered lo the » k. If . ‘3 . gl ‘I V1 d f ‘ Y . .
wmpmr Waugh a cam. ma ing a uge mlpact in r IE very rea wor o sa ely training.‘
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The hardware currently employed hy Frum the rurure allows fi"‘j;:’:"If‘}',;S’,“m‘,‘l"’,‘(‘:’;m " “’"""'”’ “” ” °J7“'"‘9‘ “"' "
line u-ainee to move around lreely. and ncll he eneumhered hy ‘ ‘

wires and extra equipment, giving more lreedo.n and a real—

world feel.

"The hardware tzchnology finally eaughl up to rhe software, V'VAX

and folks who see the value of VR training are all—in." he said. NIE-rno-.-EC...

-rhe eompanys programmers san customizz eaeh module lor _

siluations that someone might eneounler in link lield. And 9"“-9° "°'='="°": Fa“: Easvv am‘ “'=='"=‘°'
eaeh Iimz tlwz simulation is run a diitereni seenario ean play . mg. .,g.,.,., m,, ba'e .,.,,,g...,. ,ag.,,,,g

ours heeping lrainees engaged and on rheir toes as well as , lmmal mm Wm, “M m ,,,,,y,,s

kezping learners loeused in training. Throwing tlwzm a eurye _ M “M d,m,,°,_ mm

ha“ °=<as‘°"=*11.V MP5» ....oo..a. callhlanlen checking

"We ran creale any kind of situation or scenario or

eondilions, ineluding weather or ground eondilions.

environmzmal conditions.‘ Justin said. L D a I K M“ 6

came  nuns mav av s  as

one ol tlwz sections of thz haslrhoe u-aining module that's and camava sysmms ms is. vLan3—Pvo
currently under development emphasizes rhe need Io eall so Rm=~-~~- mm 5rW=-l WWW

helore digging.

-rhe seenario will inelude a simulated eall to the loeal an

seryiee, and one or several pres-eeorded messages will play \\

lor the trainee. They must reael appropriately Io lhe message. 3

--The su call is part or rhe clwzcklisl. Thzy have a flat sereen .

inohile deviee [think irad] in VR (hat you san use to repon

ro su. Thzy areni ahle ro proeeed loiward on mission until inspect noun. Ems: bums Imm2' n . looar. uanunsmlsslm and
‘ha‘[sCDmPlE|€d‘V Jusnnsaid} no«suns.u..muv.u.u.voauux.e dlsIllhuI:l>n\\lrlaiwlmVM—81fl

uaosmm Camnv: arson muu Lmzlol

The simulations are rniS5iCIll'CIl‘i€l1IEds and thz user earns  
points and is ranked hased on how aeeurarely they eoinplele

eaeh task. The whole rhing would sound lilre avideo,il ‘,,,_,v.....,.,..c..o.,,,.,..i.,. lmxnulaae in
-he -ea1—wo-la c-moon-es were-u so    ml rnaooo  

sanIacIan,cAs9n5a,usA Phnnu ..anasa.uoo mmluuazannmhnnaam
2020 ssh. 1 Alabama 511 .s

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