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I t . t
By Mmhael Dawnes
’’’’’””9“’'"“ new zmpluyne is ieai-ning so ooesase a
, haeishoeiie seesnsso have she hang oishe
VR 3 xper-1 ence eons.-dis and nndenssands how she equipment
_ _ _ reacls so his input. He’: i-ead an of she ssaining
aids tr“ "11" g material and has reviewed she safzty dala. iies ready Io

(Ty his hand as moving somz diss.

But just as he siiees inso she zanh, he hzzrs she soiind

F R N H F of snesai on snesai. iie knows sosneshing wens wrong.
But what?
I l I .
_ J I Almost inssansiy. sine iosidess sonnd ines Ever heard
J’ \\ tomzs from she gi-oond aiong wish a hiass of dehsis
- f V A _l and sine rush of noxious gas. us has damaged a high
Z’ i przssure gas iine. us and his backhoe are hiown
 — — « backward.

His world slowly iades so isiaeis.

..J>\\IljusI sinsn a snessage appears before him in whise
iessess. ins she grim stalislics on surviving such an
event. Then she.-es nsone (zxt explaining whas wens
wrong and inow so avoid a similar assidens in she

Thais aii possihlz iseeaose he's using a vinual seaiisy
headses wish soiswa.-e eneased specifically for she

, zxcavalion eqiiipnnens ine is ssaining ans nos a seal
, ‘ haeishoe in nine iieid. The vinual seaiisy simulation fezls
, neai. and she Eonsequznczs of Iailure ase sohesing —

hns nos deadiy in she way [hey ane in actual rzality.
The sophisticated soiswase shas aiiows s.-ainees she
aisiiisy so iea.-n and [ail in a safz snannen was developzd
by From sine Futurzs a Tzxas hased firm sinas oeress
hands—on vii ssaining snodnies.

According to Jussin Miiiiin. vice pnesioiens or business

, devzloprnent as From she rnnine, sine seehnoiogy allows
nepesisive ssaining and individual 1nands—on praclite
i shas wuuld he dimeiiis or impossible so conduct sising
‘ \\‘ neai equipmznl.
_ # _ _ “VR (raining soinsions ofier sine iseedon. Io fail and sine
 __ _ ff _ _ '____ W7 _ __ , __ aisiiisy Io oi-aesiee so oei-session so snaise you much more

reliablz as your noiex he said.

From she Fumre has heen in inisiness ahoos H

g years and devzlops VR snodnies ids industry
_ ieading corpurale eiienss in fields as diverse as
 V telztommunicalions, hospitality, heaishease and
manufatluring. T1neii- way or ii-aining workers is saking
 oil due so how Ihorollgh is is.
“The VB ssaining is a much more soisnss si-aining
‘ mzlhudolo . is ca sui-es she assension cifthe trainees
E3’ P
. much hessen winish ieads so high levels oi engagensens
‘ _ , ‘ and sesension mare zfiicimicy. saiesy and oi-odnssivisyx
,T A L __T he said.
s . Alabama 511 2020 Issue 1

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