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 analytics platform is also designed and built by the collaborative efforts of both participating 811 centers and Bluenet. This partnership-driven approach blended with the latest technologies, such as ThoughtSpot and Azure Cloud Platform resulted in the creation of
an effective and valuable analytical solution for all participating 811 call centers.
Some of the unique features of the GeoCall Analytics platform are listed as follows:
• Cloud-only and cloud-enabled analytical solution powered by ThoughtSpot.
• Search based analytical capabilities powered by ThoughtSpot.
• Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities called SpotIQ and powered by ThoughtSpot.
• Built-in self-service reporting capability, which allows users to ask questions in natural language and receive instant answers in the form of visualizations and reports.
• Built-in geospatial analytical capability, which allows users to create interactive visualizations and dashboards to communicate insights effectively and share them with colleagues and members.
• Seamless and pre-defined data source
integration with GeoCall data sources
• Mobile accessibility by enabling users to access and explore data on the go.
• Plug & Play installation and configuration with guaranteed 6-week go-live commitment from Bluenet.
• 90-day complimentary, free- of-charge, and no-obligation trial with full capability for interested 811 call centers (by using their own production data)
If you are interested in learning more about GeoCall Analytics platform, please call Bluenet at 866-960-9203.
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