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Annette Bowman
This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Alabama Damage Prevention Summit. Over the last decade, the Summit has helped strengthen the underground damage prevention program here in Alabama. With bringing together stakeholders across the spectrum of excavation and utility protection,
many improvement and program enhancements have been implemented through information shared and lessons learned. Some of these improvements have resulted in legislative changes included positive response, unified membership, and effective enforcement.
Each year, the feedback received from the attendees is very positive. The ability to discuss issues, obtain new ideas
and receive support from your industry peers is extremely valuable. In addition, session topics and presenters often share
  information on key initiatives in the state such as the impacts of the infrastructure bill and broadband expansion. The Summit is one place where the overall picture of underground damage prevention is a focus and discussed without dividing lines between industries.
Also, thanks to Bill Turner, President and CEO of Tennessee 811, the Alabama Damage Prevention Summit this year also hosted the first ever One Call Systems Reunion. Many of the pioneers of the One Call, now known as 811 industry, gathered to share stories, memories and successes. Many of those in attendance were present when the first “one call notification system” began in their state. Much of the success of the 811 industry, the strides in technology, the development of awareness programs, and operational process are a direct result of the contributions of these individuals. It was a great opportunity to honor and appreciate these individuals for their industry leadership and personal qualities.
We must also take the opportunity to thank Roger Cox and Kerry Brown, along with the rest of the ACTS team for their work behind the scenes to organize and support the Alabama Summit since its inception. The Summit would not run as effortlessly as it does without their dedication and hard work.
If you have not attended in the past, go ahead and mark your calendars for September 17-19, 2024 to attend the 11th Annual Alabama Damage Prevention Summit to be held at The Lodge at Gulf Shores State Park.
Annette Bowman Executive Director Alabama 811
2023, Issue 3
Alabama 811
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