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 Alabama Locate Rodeo Winner Ryan Owen Walks Away with Top Prize of $1000 Cash
 Ryan Owen, CMC Gas - 1st Place Winner in LFH & 1st Place Winner Overall receives $1000 prize
Each year, Alabama’s Locate Rodeo is held in conjunction with the Damage Prevention Summit. The Locate Rodeo is managed by the Alabama Summit team who coordinates a variety of volunteers and sponsors.
The Locate Rodeo is held annually with the goal of recognizing the amazing locators across the state who protect our communities daily is free for competitors.
Cash prizes paid out this year were $50 for each of the 3 division winners. 2nd place Overall Champion won $250 and the 1st place Overall Champion won $1000.
The event was held this year in the Gulf State Park and the competitors stated
it was a challenging course. Of the 15 competitors this year most were first- time Locate Rodeo entrants, including the Overall Winner.
Cash prize winners in the past and including this year were from smaller utility companies and had been locating less than one year.
The Alabama Locate Rodeo promotes teamwork, best practices and celebrates you. Whether you are a contract locator, a smaller utility locator or something in between, join us next year at the Alabama Locate Rodeo. There you’ll make new friends, compete against yourself and you just might walk away with $1000 cash and the thrill of victory!
Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers and competitors for making this
a special event. And especially, congratulations to this year’s winners at the Alabama Locate Rodeo.
14 • Alabama 811 2023, Issue 3

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