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811 Magazines: Have you adopted any new technologies in underground locating recently?
Anthony: Like most locating groups, we utilize radio frequency locating equipment to mark our utilities. While these are the traditional technologies we are not opposed to new ones and will always be on the lookout for anything that could help us prevent damages.
Kristopher: The one piece of technology that I’ve spent a lot of time learning is the Pipehorn. I have one and have determined, at least for me it is a very valuable tool for locating gas.
Jason: I have a degree in Administrative Sciences. It has been helpful in troubleshooting a lot of my issues. I am able to help our crew out with issues they may be having. Additionally, it has trained me to be a better communicator, which not only helps with our company but with contractors as well.
811 Magazines: How do you see the industry changing in the coming years?
Anthony: In the future I hope to see advancements in
civil planning of developments as well as improvements in installation procedures that can limit the need for excavation and to help future right of ways not be so congested. I also believe we will see stricter dig laws that would help protect the valuable and sometimes fragile underground infrastructure that is already in place.
Kristopher: As has already been stated, I’m relatively new in the industry. However, I definitely can see how new technology will change the industry for locators.
Jason: We will never run out of work. With the growth of infrastructure throughout the years, there will always be a demand for locating utilities. Locating processes may change, technology may change but the locating industry will continue to flourish. Infrastructure will only continue to grow. I see no signs of it slowing down, anywhere!
811 Magazines: Have you noticed any changes in the locating industry in the last 5 years or so?
Anthony: In the last five years I have noticed a dramatic increase in the complete rebuild of telecommunication networks. Huntsville Utilities also built a completely new
fiber network throughout the city. This progress does mean hundreds of miles of locating for me and my team and can be extremely challenging to maintain a balance between regular workload and project work. We are lucky to have a great group of experienced in-house locators at HU and have been able to adapt to meet the challenge.
Kristopher: In the 8 months I have been locating I have yet to see specific changes. Having said that, I have heard of some changes in the law from my peers such as how long a ticket is valid for and how long before it has to be located.
Jason: I think when I began locating it was viewed more as a lesser trade. Respect for locators was not what it is today. Now we are seen as essential, and more and more people realize how hard our job actually is. It seems to me that the people we work with show a lot more respect and gratitude toward the work we do.
811 Magazines: How have the recent changes to Alabama’s
dig law impacted you?
2023, Issue 2
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