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egislative Corner
 Alabama’s Underground Damage Prevention legislation has been enacted since 1994. Over the years there have been amendment to strengthen and improve the damage prevention program in our state. We will focus on some of the key terms and sections to ensure a thorough understanding of the underground damage prevention as outline in Alabama state law.
In the original legislation passed in 1994, the Alabama code outlined the defined colors that should be used by underground facility owners when marking their facilities prior to excavation activities. These defined colors assist excavators in knowing the approximate location of the facilities and which facilities are located there based on the color used. Over the years, the Alabama law was revised to reference the American Public Works Association (APWA) color codes. The APWA, for years, has been the “keeper” of the unified color code for facility markings across the United States. Alabama revised the language for the APWA color code to assist with consistency in marking colors especially for those who work in multiple states. In addition, as the APWA Code is updated, it does not require a revision
of the Alabama law to stay current.
The APWA color code also outlines information relative to working within the tolerance or “safety” zone of the marked facility. Color code cards are available for your crews through the Alabama 811 website link
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