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Annette Bowman
One thing that can be said about technology is that it is always changing. During my time in the damage prevention industry,
it is amazing to see where technology was when I began my career and where we are now. Even with reflecting on that, I know that the technology of tomorrow will be vastly different
from today. Being resistant to change can often limit what doors might be opened next.
In this edition of the Alabama 811 magazine, the focus will be on technology. For the damage prevention industry, technology is the main focus in many different facets. Not only in the 811 industry where we are always looking at new tools for processing locate requests more accurately and efficiently but also in the locating equipment to ensure more accurate locates and identification of the underground facilities. In the utility industry, there is new technology in installation of facilities, making these facilities easier to locate and lessen a chance of damage. In the excavation community, there are always new ideas on equipment, excavation, and restoration practices.
Not only in the traditional areas of damage prevention is technology advancing but also in other areas such as data collection, analysis, and reporting. Alabama 811, along with other software partnering neighboring states, is developing new data analysis tools to assist members, AL811 staff, and others to be able to analyze and manipulate available data to look for trends in damage prevention that might just be the key to another technology improvement.
Buckle up – it is going to be a fun ride over the next few years with many of the advancements in the works being tested for implementation.
Annette Bowman Executive Director Alabama 811
2022, Issue 3
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