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Annette Bowman
Did you know there are over 40,000 miles of gas pipeline in Alabama based on information provided by the
National Conference of State Legislatures. These pipeline mileage numbers combine gathering lines, transmission lines, and distribution lines. The natural gas industry is
one of the few federally mandated underground facility owners operational in the United States.
Every year the gas systems in Alabama have an annual inspection of their system to ensure they are in compliance
with state and federal guidelines for operations. This includes their underground damage prevention program.
The gas and pipeline industry is the only industry federally mandated to participate in state 811 systems and have done so
for over two decades.
In addition, the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), which operates under the federal Department of Transportation, conducts an annual audit of Alabama’s Underground Damage Prevention Program. Over the last years, Alabama has been deemed “inadequate” mainly due to lack of enforcement of Alabama’s law regarding damage prevention. With the enactment of the Alabama Underground Damage Prevention Authority in 2020, and the subsequent complaints reviewed in 2021, Alabama’s program is now deemed as “adequate”. This will help ensure continued federal funding allocations for Alabama’s pipeline safety programs.
Alabama 811 assists the gas and pipeline industry in their public awareness program requirements, not only in our every day public education activities, but as well as
a designated program. This program is known as the Alabama Public Awareness Cooperative Training (APACT) and is funded by the gas and pipeline members. Each year meetings are held around the state to educate excavators, public officials and first responders on the gas industry and public safety best practices.
This issue of Alabama 811 Magazine provides valuable information on the gas and pipeline industry as well as public safety information. We hope you find this information valuable.
Annette Bowman Executive Director Alabama 811
2022, Issue 1
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