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Annette Bowman
The one call system in Alabama began in 1975 and operated as a “joint venture” providing damage prevention services for the excavators and facility
owners. Until legislation was first passed in 1994, Alabama’s damage prevention program truly worked from the aspect of
working together to ensure a common good of limited damage to buried facilities and injury to those working around them.
As the years have passed and legislation has mandated some requirements, we continue to see the various stakeholders
working together to ensure that Alabama is a safe place to live and work. At our recently held Damage Prevention Summit,
we had several presentations and discussions on how working and communicating together is a vital element of the damage
and other parties that may be involved.
prevention process. It is key to ensure that all entities involved are aware of the benefits of a strong damage prevention program and
are willing to listen to and understand each other’s perspectives in ensuring we all do our part. This communciation is not only between
the excavator or the survey/design company and the 811 center, but includes communication with the facility owners and their locators
The idea that working together and good communication are benefiical is common sense, but there are times when we all need to step back and ensure we are looking at a situation from each other’s point of view, understand factors that may impact their operations and other areas that may influence a particular job. This edition of the Alabama 811 is focused on the idea of working together, where this has proved beneficial and where other areas may need to be looked at to ensure a truly effective damage prevention program.
As 2020 comes to a close, it has definitely been a trying year for many of us both professionally and personally. If any time has been a time for us to buckle down and work together for the common good, I think this year has taught us to do this. We appreciate
the support we have received this year with not only implementation of new law changes, addressing challenges of 2020 and moving forward into 2021. We wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
Annette Bowman Executive Director Alabama 811
2020, Issue 4
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