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Annette Bowman
Third party excavation damage continues to be the top result in studies regarding causes for damages to underground facilities. When asked, many people will tell you that
they have heard of “call before you dig” but some think it is just for the larger excavation companies or that it is for big excavation
projects. Alabama 811 educates that any excavation should start with notification to 811 of all proposed excavation activity.
Studies regarding the best avenues to reduce damages to underground facilities have shown that for several states
improvement in enforcement processes has helped to deter violations of the respective state “dig law”. Being able to deter behavior that may
result in improved excavation and facility marking practices is pivotal in reduced unnecessary damages or risk to personal safety.
In this edition of the Alabama 811 magazine the focus will be enforcement. Alabama recently revised their law with the purpose of
strengthening the enforcement process. These changes were reviewed by a stakeholder group to determine the best program for Alabama’s
stakeholders to help change behavior to make Alabama a safer place to live and work. As we move forward we hope to improve the underground
damage prevention program to move more closely to the goal of zero damages.
Annette Bowman Executive Director Alabama 811
2020, Issue 3
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