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Here are a few very important things you should know about
underground power lines and how to work safely around them.
More and more power [mes are belng ourreo The number to rall ls easy to remember an (all at
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vouve probably nearo me "(all before you dig" I
mama many meg But take It (0 ma“ , Wmmg Fleaseytake rnr: slmple step before dlgglrlg It 5 easy
gum happm when a mm prwges mm a M And u 5 rree vou ll Save a lot of headaches — ano
Fwy [me maybe even your llfe
Color codes for marking underground utility lines:
/"x . G,'l,t .tl _
K / Proposed excavatlon . ofgazgoj °‘"“ 0 Before you dig:
Dlal 811
. Temporary survey 0 Communltatlons. alarm or 
marklngs signal Ilnes, (ables or mndult
Elertrit power lrnes, raoles, I H.
O mndultandllghtlngtables O mblewaw 1"8a0"0e;‘8e;s/<;;CcvC-$7-26)
Rerlalmed water. lrrlgatlon . .
. and WW Hm . Sewers and dram llnes
I f
For more electrlcal safety tips, )  b P
visit A| ‘ a a   F

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